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Vertical Channel Tufted Headboard

Introducing the dg casa sierra tufted headboard! This verticalchurch ceilingsimple bed has a sleek tufted headboard and tufted headroom for a comfortable night's sleep. The headboard is designed to provide the customer with a comfortable+ elevated view+ of their home while they sleep. Plus, the tufted headboard+ provides a stylish and practical addition to any home.

Best Vertical Channel Tufted Headboard

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Cheap Vertical Channel Tufted Headboard

This bed is made with luxurious velvet fabric that is used for forming the headboard. The fabric is placed in the headboard like structure. The bed is also with the use of upholstered in the background that makes it look like the fabric is on top of the bed. The bed is made with a high-quality platform shape that allows for a comfortable sleep. the vertical channel tufted headboard is perfect for those with a whole lot of floor space. Thetufted design allows for a high degree of flexibility andspecially designed trackies allow for easy reach. The headboard is made from high quality velvet and has a comfortable fit. The king-sized bed is upholstered in blue fabric that is very comfortable to sleep in. The platform feet give the bed a sturdy look, which makes it look like a true statement. The platform bed has a high-quality tufted headboard that will make you feel secure andermline. The bed is also blue in color which will look great with any piece of clothing.