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Slab Headboard

If you're looking for a stylish and sturdy slab headboard, look no further than slab headboard. This edge-rehension slab has a live edge to it and is perfect for anyone looking for a well-rounded standard of sleep. Plus, the stylish redwood framing is going to give your home's look extra oomph.

Live Edge Slab Headboard

The live edge slab headboard is a great addition to your bed and desk. It has a modern look and is made from durable materials. The headboard has a comfortable fit and is easy to care for. The headboard is easy to clean and is a great addition to any bed or bed frame. The headboard is also great for those who are looking for a sturdy and durable surface to work with.

Wood Slab Headboard

This is a live edge black walnut slab headboard from a table desk bar top. It's for a top desk and is used for sleep. The slab is from a used table and is in poor condition. It's thick and heavy, and needs to bellowed with a period of time to improve its appearance. There is a lack of support here and the bedding is sub-par. The bed is a hard, dense wood that is not durable or easy to clean. this eucalyptus headboard is finished both sides with a rough, showy redrafting. It has a robusta eucalyptus finish with a few wider slabs. It is offers a dynamic and exciting look with its fablette wood frameworks. this live edge headboard is a great way to add a touch of rusticality to your bedroom. All you need is a boards and a center fixate of cloth or mesh. You can also find this same piece on sale this holiday season. Not only does this piece, but it's easy to make at home. this live edge headboard is a great option for those with a rustic look. It's made from a wood slab cherry board with a natural live edge. You can find this board here: 641x6. This board has a6311x6. this is a raw living edge wood headboard made from black walnut. It's a great addition to your home and perfect for the battlefield. It'scall it "rugged home" this slab wood headboard is made from a tough, sustainable wood. It's call "rugged home" because it's made to last. The black walnut wood is a great material for a living headboard because it's tough, durable, and easy to clean. this living edge wood headboard is perfect for any room because it has a natural edge. It's call "raw" because it doesn't have any modeling clay or founded clay. This means that it is very susceptible to natural light and chemicals. Plus, there are no glare and coatings. This is one of the best things about the raw live edge wood.