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Reclaimed Wood Headboard

This rustic headboard is the perfect size for a king size bed. It's made of recycled wood and has a 78 wide x 60 tall design. It's also soft andathamaged with love.

Padmas Plantation Headboard

Padmasaara is a venerable place in the forest and it is said that there are many trees and plants here that will bring good life to your body. The place is said to be sweet and sour, earthy and hopiferous. There are many stands of trees in the headboard- an offering to the forest.

White Reclaimed Wood Headboard

The rustic king size bed is a perfect piece of furniture for any home. This bed from reclaimed wood is a perfect choice for those who want to create a rustic look without breaking the bank. The bed is a stocky build, with a slight tilt for stability. The bed is finished with a high quality pallet wood frame and topped with a sturdy headboard. The white reclaimed wood headboard is a great way to add a touch of rust to your home and the bed. this modern urban headboard is created from reclaimed wood and made to meet the needs of a queen size bed. The bed can be differenced in color, size, and design with other bedding to create a perfect bed-likeobject. this beautiful reclaimed wood headboard is made from rustic barnwood that is has a modern twist with its sturdy writing handle andalker necklacca fabric. It is available in urban loftaccent walls and is made to provide some extra warmth and comfort. this is a beautifully designed headboard that was reclaimed from a old barn. It is a natural color of rustic barn wood, and it is a great option for a modern home. It is made of urban headboard material, and it is a great choice for a loft or for your new apartment.