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Leather Headboard

This is a great bed frame with a low profile sleigh platform bed frame. The headboard is white and is perfect for a modern feel. The frame is queen leather and has a low profile sleigh platform bed frame. The bed is equipped with a frame and headboard. This set is perfect for a modern home.

Leather Panel Headboard

If you're looking for a stylish and sturdy headboard that will make your bed look its best, look no further than the leather panel headboard. this type of headboard is made of hard leather that has been treated with distress starch and a high-quality adhesive band. It is then fixed to the headboard with screws or nails. the look of this headboard is pure luxury and you'll be love every minute spent using it.

Headboard Leather

This is a headboard leather platform bed frame with a headboard. It is made of king size leather and has a low profile sleigh platform bed frame with a headboard. It is perfect for a large bed or journaling space. this faux leather headboard is a fantastic addition to your home and perfect for his and hers room's. The headboard has a adjustable headboard which can be done at home with this set, or you can get a headboard and sectional bed set from a local store. The bed frame is made of high-quality faux leather and is adjustable to fit a perfect fit. The headboard and bed frame are a great addition to any room and make it feel like a proper home. this is a tiptiper queen size platform modern bed frame leather upholstered with headboard. It has a leather covered headboard and a platform at the front. It is with a leather dado style headboard. The bed is made to a standard size, in beige. It has a modest amount ofzn2 copyright in the united states, since it is made in china. this leather upholstered headboard queen is made from faux leather and has a tufted headboard design. It is also made from full remote webbing and button tufted headboard technology. It is a great bed for anyone looking for a soft, comfortable bed that is made to look like a real bed.